Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is this about?

At first, when there were rumors and reports that Dana Jacobson had been a little out of control with vodka and language during the Mike and Mike roast, it was a little funny. I watched 'First Take' wondering what a slobbering drunk and cussing Jacobson looked and sounded like. Then there were the reports about her saying "Fuck Touchdown Jesus," and whatnot. Funny still. But while being allowed on the air for the week following her contribution to the roast, Jacobson has been suspended. This is now old news, but as more media outlets are discovering what bloggers have been talking about for a week and a half, it's becoming harder to understand why she was suspended. Was it the level of intoxication? The cussing? We know she made a fool of herself, was booed offstage, and she has sounded countrite regarding her behavior, having apologized to many of her coworkers personally. That should have been enough if those were the reasons she was suspended. I mean, what the fuck is worse than having to do some modified walk of shame throughout the office, forever, knowing everyone, even the high-school intern who comes in for 5th and 6th period, knows you blew it, and now looks down on you. Was it the Touchdown Jesus/Notre Dame barrage? Notre Dame spokespeople have been asked to comment, and don't really seem concerned. But that ND people have been asked to comment seems to represent the reason for the suspension. What the fuck, I say? What the fuck? So some drunken asshole says drunken asshole shit about Notre Dame. Notre Dame isn't an actual extention of God's right hand. Touchdown Jesus isn't actually Jesus. Would she have been suspended for saying, "Fuck the Cardinal and their stupid fucking tree mascot?" It's hard to argue hypotheticals, but no, probably not. Is Notre Dame untouchable? My guess is that she was suspended for the combination, but I can't fugure out why she actually received it.

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