Monday, January 07, 2008

You're becoming a joke

With every passing legal/P.R. move that Roger Clemens and his legal/P.R. machine makes, Clemens looks more and more guilty. After last night's news that Clemens had filed a defamation suit against Brian McNamee, my initial reaction was sort of a, "Well, maybe he really thinks he's innocent." As Monday morning has worn on and the news had had a chance to run around my brain, a few things have become clear. a) Clemens and his collection of hacky douchewads have filed this suit in order to not have to testify in front of congress this month. b) Clemens states in his "60 Minutes" interview that he didn't know anything about McNamee mentioning his name in the Mitchell report, but the suit alleges that that McNamee only made his false accusations toward Clemens in order to avoid prosecution if he implicated Clemens. How does Clemens and his lawyers know this? Investigators were sent by the hacky douchewads to ask McNamee questions after news of Clemens' inclusion in the Mitchell report. The suit is totally ambiguous about how Clemens and his team have come about information regarding McNamee being pressured by federal authorities. c) The suit is a joke. I mean, a total joke. It looks like it's been written by fifth-graders. d) Why McNamee? If he was pressured, almost backed into a corner, according to Clemens' legal/P.R. team, why go after McNamee?

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