Sunday, January 13, 2008

4th quarter Cowboys/Giants game

Brandon Jacobs chucks the ball at the play clock? I know the whole throwing the ball at an opponent's banner or something is tired, but what's the significance? First of all, it really shows a lot of, I don't know, vigor. Like the throw was vigorous. Secondly, why risk the penalty for the play clock? Maybe it's starting late or something when the Cowboys have the ball.

Okay, I've listened to a little of the Buckman call, and it sucks. To hear the giant doucheclown and mini doucheclown, it's all about the receivers dropping balls, not anything Jessiromo is doing. I know there have been some drops, but hell man.

"Tony Romo is human too." - SuperTroy

Christ. I mean, Romo.

This is our country. Evidently. It's awesome how they have a bunch of white people doing white people things. I know Chevy is trying to sell pickups to my Grandpa, but come on. Chevy's still hanging in there though with Mellencamp. I think they want it to be the next "Like a Rock," but that sucked too. Only less so.

Patrick Crayton can't hold on to shit.

The Mac/PC commercials are heading downhill. Too bad. They were clever for a while, and I know they're still effective, but the good part about them originally was you kind of bought the idea that the PC guy was really a PC guy.

Romo was just sacked for a huge loss. WHO YOU SCREAMING AT NOW, BITCH!! After his last sack, a close-up showed him yell, "Let's go!" to someone. Excellent motivation, if I may say so.

Man, the Giants can't stop shit on 3rd down. Ope, penalty on Dallas. Wow, Romo complains like an Ainge. He might end up leading the Cowboys to a win, but he looks like he's unravelling. If this were a baseball game, Romo's whiny bitch-ass would have been tossed for showing up the officials throughout this series. He really looks like a weiner right now.

Romo just threw a hot air balloon up in the vicinity of Terrell Owens. Mini doucheclown says the issue was Romo not being given time in the pocket, even though he was set and able to throw unimpeded before being hit.

3-and-out for the Giants. Dammit Coughlin and your Norval approach to lead-holding conservativism. If Romo is able to lead the Cowboys to a win, it's going to be a shame for so many reasons. He's played like shit, yet the ball-slobberers will be all over the obvious. God, a Romo-led win would make ESPN's job easier.

Budweiser gives me super-farts, which isn't really an issue for me, but it also tastes like shit, regardless of whether thay call it a lager or have Colbert/Carrellneuveau tell me it's beechwood aged or cold-filtered or jizzed in by Joe Buck.

Romo flips the ball to Witten for a first, followed by a Romo-Favre back-to-back replay. Tony Romo is not Brett Favre. Tony Romo is not Brett Favre. Tony Romo is not Brett Favre. Tony Romo is not Brett Favre. Christ, er, Romo.

I'm going to cry tears of anti-joy if the Cowboys win this game.

Boy, Romo just missed Crayton open in the endzone.

Interception. Romo is 0-2 in the playoffs. To quote the immortal Joe Buck, "And the legend of Tony Romo continues to grow."

Pam Oliver post-game to Eli, "What's going through your mind right now."

Goosh. Oops. That was my brain escaping my head by way of my ear. Eli's response, predicably: "Cliche, cliche, cliche, 110%, gut-check, cliche, blah, blah, blah."

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