Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who are these Mannings who play football?

More Manning ball-washing, this time out of the Denver Post. Oh god this is so much of the same nauseating horseshit, it makes me want to throw up horse shit, which I'm going to find and eat after having read piece. The clowns who write this crap must believe that, a)no one has ever covered the Manning family angle before, b)no one has ever tried to explain that Eli is not Peyton or Archie, or c)they've always known Eli was going to be great, because he's just a regular kid trying to fill some big shoes and has never received any special treatment because he's Archie's kid or Peyton's brother and that probably means that his road to the NFL and Super Bowl has been even tougher than most guys and now it's just great that the "aw shucks" kid who loves his mom and put up with all those thoughtless doubters could now be laughing in their faces but since he's just such a great kid it would never even occur to him to do such a thing. I get it. I totally do. It's pretty cool, in fact historical, that Peyon played in the Super Bowl last season and Eli is in it this year, but fuck. Can we please stop with the deification of the Mannings, or at least the off the field version. The Mannings who play football are great at football. Why would I spend my time giving a teeny shit about how awesome they have always been off the field? Sports coverage, it seems, should be reserved for sports.

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