Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank God for Goose

Tonight's AMC's premier is "Top Gun." It hasn't really held up like a few other 80's movies. When I say that, I mean it was awesome to an 8 year-old BH in 1986. I had the video game and everything. I think it was the first time I was aware of french kissing in a film. But now I recognize its shortcomings. Was the Navy accepting 4'7" pilots twenty years ago? I noticed tonight for the first time that it is a Bruckheimer film. Guh. No wonder. What a piece of crap. Man, Kelly McGillis lets Maverick have it in the bar, what with ripping on his singing ability. Ouch. The movie is so Bruckheimeresque I want to puke. Maverick has a reputation for buzzing the tower, disobeying orders, aggravating... wait. Oh. Is that why he's called Maverick? Shit. I like how there's no real military protocol. Perhaps I'm most pissed that I know Tom Cruise got Katie Holmes to make little Cruise babies due to this role.

I'll probably watch the whole thing.

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