Monday, January 14, 2008


On First Take, Dana Jacobson just said 25 year-old Ryan Grant wasn't the only kid on the field for the Packers on Sunday. 38 year-old Brett Favre blah, blah, blah...*

Incidentally, Dana is sitting in a pool of drool.

Favre's little snowball throwing bullshit was stupid. He's always been a good-situation asshole on the field, but it's been turned up a notch this season. Pick up and run with Greg Jennings? High five the referee multiple fives? Snowballs? Guh. Favre doesn't look like a kid, unless that kid is about to get a lecture from his dad for acting like a showing-up-the-other-team douche. Seriously, if my kid did that on the field, he wouldn't see the rest of the game.

*Yeah, I watch First Take some mornings. I can take Dana and Sage and Jay waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than Stuart Scott or the other clown on the "WWL." And Skip Bayless is nuts - I've written posts documenting this indisputable fact - but I like him (and he was the journalist who cried "steroids" way before anyone else).

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