Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold football - 2nd half

This game sucks. Super cold crappy football is not as fun to watch as semi-cold good snow football. Green Bay has the lead, but has played like shit offensively.

And what the shit is up with the Fox crew's hats tonight? Cripes.

Dammit, those Burger King commercials are awful.

Al Harris just had an INT called back because of illegal contact. Hee hee, again.

It's funny how Brett Favre is portrayed as Mr. Cold Weather NFL. Right now he's stuffing hand-warmers in his head thermal thing. Balaclavah? Belaclavah? What's that thing called?

Yeah, Harris looks like a joke tonight.

Touchdown Brandon Jacobs. I seriously just said, "Please don't throw it at the play clock," as he was running through the endzone. If I were Jacobs, I wouldn't fake the Lambeau Leap, spike the ball, or do anything other than hand the ball to the official. He was totally bailed out by Boss after that fumble on 3rd down. These guys have an amazing ability to forget what just happened.

Who's on the "Become Legendary" Nike commercial? T.O.? Richard Hamilton? Ray Allen? Legandary? Ahunnoh. They're all good. But come on.

Morency is tackled from behind on a screen. WHO YOU TALKING TO NOW, BITCH!

Can someone tell me how Morency can throw a punch against Sam Madison on a block, and Madison is called for a personal foul?

The catch by Toomer should not be reversed. There is nothing there that would seem to allow it. And why is Mike McCarthy on the field to throw the red flag? Is that allowed?

Can we please do something brutal to announcers each time they explain that a quarterback manages or has managed a game well? Saying a quarterback is managing a game has more to do with expectaion than actually what's happening.

Interception Giants, which is then fumbled and recovered by Packers lineman Mark Tauscher. Pack kicks a field goal to make it 20-20.

"Mark Tauscher. A big reason the Packers regain the ball and tie the game at 20." - Buck

No, dude. He is the reason. He actually regained the ball.

Is the paint cracking on some of the Giants' helmets? That's cold.

Is Coughlin yelling at Tynes after the missed FG? What do you say? "Kick it through the uprights next time! Come on man! Do it right more! Don't you want to win! Come on! Do it the right way!"

Favre looks pretty bad tonight. You know this guy is going to go 3 for his last 17, but one of the three will go for 80 yards to win the game.

McQuarters just tried to hand the game to the Packers.

Is it going to take someone losing this game for someone else to win?

Wouldn't it be awesome if a coach tried to ice a kicker by not calling a timeout to ice the kicker?

Fox puts up a graphic with the names of the snapper, holder, and kicker. Thanks.

I'm blown away that Coughlin and the Giants sat on the ball once they got to the 20. Why not take a couple shots to get a little closer?

Aaron Kampman raises his hands like the Packers are going to the Super Bowl after Green Bay wins the coin toss. Idiot.

Favre OT interception - legendary

Tynes makes this field goal. Thank God. He would not be a Giant tomorrow if he'd missed.

So Eli is on his way to the Super Bowl. I can already hear the "If I were to tell you there would be a Manning in the Super Bowl..." nonsense.

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