Thursday, January 31, 2008

I may have noticed

MHR is undergoing a few minor changes. Obviously, the layout looks a little different. You'll also notice we are beginning to run Google ads, which as we all know attempt to tailor ads to content, and should add a little flavor when we write something like "farmer run turd crop," or "two-end eruption after appletini beer bong." There may be a few more changes over the next week as we, tinker with things.


SonDog said...

Wow. When do we go public? I want to find a venture capitalist to endorse this thing.

Seriously, I'm working on my first project. I want it to combine Barak Obama, New England Patriots, ESPN, CNN and Glenn Beck. Then again, I've been thinking as clearly as Heath Ledger lately, so I'm not sure how that will fly. We'll see.

bh said...

I strive to hope to think with Heath Ledger clarity. I think you'll be okay.