Friday, January 25, 2008

An ESPNish guy rips on Mike and Mike

Found this at The Big Lead. I disagree with Jason Whitlock as often as I agree with him, but he's pretty right-on about the Mike and Mike Roast.

ESPN desperately wants you to believe Greenberg and Golic are big stars. They're not. If they were, they wouldn't have an F-list celebrity/assclown like Jacobson roasting them.

Well yeehaw, Mr. Whitlock. Didn't you kind of work for...oh, no matter. You sir, get +1 for using assclown in a sentence, but I have to take away points for thinking Greenberg and Golic aren't stars. Come on man, haven't you heard them on those Dominos commercials? Stars, dude. Stars. The only way they make it bigger is if Little Caesers starts running national ads again, with each guy saying "Pizza."

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