Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is the definition of 'took'?

Lost season premier tomorrow night. Yeefuckingha.

Apparently Andy Pettite will tell Congress he and Roger Clemens discussed Clemens' house...with Brian McNamee present. (

Clemens showed up at Astros camp today, but wouldn't answer questions regarding steroids, HGH, or his Senate trip next week. (San Francisco Chronicle)

John Edwards has, or at least intends to drop out of the Democratic Presidential race. No surprise really, since he's been, at best, infrequently mentioned and frequently disregarded in polls. If Edwards is going to endorse anyone, I hope he doesn't do the standard chicken-shit politician thing in which he waits until someone's gotten the nomination to endorse the candidate. (New York Times)

It seems Plaxico Burress is pissing off Tom Coughlin. My favorite quote from the story comes from Mike Vrabel though. On Burress's prediction: “We do things differently. I’m from the school of do more and say less.” Classic sucker-punch Patriots bullshit. "We don't talk through the media, but here's a little dig I'm going to give through the media." It reminds me of Vrabel doing some faux-Eagle chicken dance thing after scoring a touchdown against Philadelphia three years ago. (New York Times)

Geez, Plaschke, Give me a break. Fuck, this story has been written all season. Randy Moss was a punk, but now he's not. Whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa. I didn't fucking get it until clown hacks started dramatizing it. Moss has been resurgent, not only on the field, but in life. Flowers and smiley faces! Fluffy bullshit! Yaaaaaaaaayyy...what's that? Restraining order? Oh that doesn't matter. It doesn't really fit in the story. (Los Angeles Times)

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