Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Right now, right. now. on ESPN.com are the headlines, "Fins close to hiring Cowboys' Sparano as coach," and "Hawks receiver Branch to have surgery on ACL" (emphasis mine). Guh. Who writes these headlines? An 8th-grade intern? A nerdy 8th-grade intern? Every time I ever think about writing or saying "Hawks," or "Fins" in a blog or conversation, I want to punch myself in the nuts. And. AND! the sportsnation question is, "Which team gets your vote as Michigan's best team," with Michigan St., the Red Wings, the Pistons, and Tigers as choices.


Pluhmuduh. Ffffluglurn.


Aside from being a fucking retarded question, I think the main issue here is that it called the Sportsnation poll. Sports...nation. Nation. Nay. Shon. NAYFUCKINGSHON!! Pretend I like sports and don't give a flying fuck about this stupid-ass question.

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