Friday, January 25, 2008

This is my grace, and I like snowboard Jesus best

Evidently more X-Gamers are getting spiritual. That's cool. I like that there are no "Jesus helped me win," quotes. (Denver Post)

Controversy surrounding the women's Austrailian Open Final? Yeah, Sharapova's dad is a giant douche. (LA Times)

Brian Sabean and Peter Magowan are fucked. It's crazy to think the Giants were the only team to enable steroid use, but these guys are going to bear the brunt of punishment. Bud Selig seems to be ignoring George Mitchell's recommendation that those named in his report go unpunished. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Alex Smith is fucked. I can see Mike Martz making Smith first few days in camp pretty miserable. Fourth coordinator in four years. I keep thinking of that Urban Meyer quote after Smith was drafted:

Alex is an extremely quick learner. However, he's a guy that, until he understands it, he is nonfunctional. He is a guy that, I keep hearing how Brett Favre kind of makes something out of nothing and is a person that runs around to make a play. Alex Smith is not that kind of player. Alex Smith is a person that, once he is taught, has to learn it all. He might struggle early, but once he gets it, he gets it.

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