Monday, January 14, 2008

Which game was that?

The Macworld Expo starts this week in San Francisco. I like my iPhone.

Is Wade Phillips safe in Dallas? If anyone can figure out the brain of Uncle Heavy Hand, please comment. Jean-Jacques Taylor of the DMN says Phillips' 0-4 playoff record needs no interpretation, and...AND, his Chargers' loss in last year's playoffs is his too (even though Phillips was hired largely based on what he did with the Chargers). It kind of does need interpretation though. Phillips didn't lose the game as much as Romo and Crayton did playing like shit against a third-string Giants secondary. Yes, Phillips is 0-4 in the playoffs and this team was supposed to be be better, but the playoffs are no joke, and actually compiling a good playoff record is proving difficult, especially if you take teams that aren't really good enough to be there anyway, like Phillips has aside from this season. The 1993 Broncos were 9-7 and faced a 10-6 Raiders team. The 1998 Bills lost to a Dolphins team with the same record, coached by Jimmy Johnson. No shame in that. The '99 Bills were 11-5 but lost that Music City Miracle game to a 13-3 Titans team who went to and almost won the Super Bowl that year. I guess if the argument is that Phillips is not going to lead a team that is supposed to lose to unexpected victory, well maybe you're right. The issue with the Cowboys is not Phillips. It's that Romo has been iffy for the past number of weeks. He is not ready to be this stud who has seemingly, and undeservingly, been annointed The FavreChrist. He wilted and panicked. There has been a huge effort that started during the game and continued throughout last night and this morning to blame anyone but Romo. The media can't slobber all over Romo's knob all season citing him as the reason for the Cowboys' success only to blame everyone else when Dallas loses. It's Jessica or Mexico or linemen or drops or...anything other than Romo floating balloons and missing open guys and throwing off his back foot and finishing 18-36 for 201 yards, as many TD's and sacks, and a rating of 64.7. Joe Montana isn't walking through that door fans. Brett Favre isn't walking through that door.

Scouts Inc's take on the Giants/Cowboys divisional game? Whuh? "A well-played game?" Huh? Did you watch Romo? Can I work for Scouts Inc? I hear you don't actually have to watch the game to do work there.

So this guy with no legs can't compete in the Olympics. It seems harsh, but I agree with the ruling, though maybe not all the reasons cited. The reality? Not everyone can do anything. It stinks that Pistorius was born without the ability to run on his own legs, and I'd like to think I have true, real respect for what he has done to this point. But if the Olympics has been clear on one thing throughout its history, it's that you are only allowed to bring what you've been given in the genetic lottery.

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