Saturday, January 12, 2008

We don't need no boundaries

I don't think Rodney Harrison is a dirty player. I mean, I know he's got a reputation, having been voted dirtiest player in the NFL several times, but I think he's just misunderstood. To Rodney, the white parts on the sidelines are actually in play and there are really two seconds after ever play in which a play is till going. That's Rodney's game. He should have been called for the second late-hit personal foul on the Pats, not Samuel, but whatever. You wouldn't know it had happened at all watching and listening to Santz and Nimms. It just turns out that "youth is overrated," or so we heard over and over that Harrison told Nantz and Simms. No, HGH is miraculous you cheating, dirty fuck who should have been flagged at least four times tonight for late hits or taunting. By the way, that thing that sounded like squishing soapy hands together all night was Douchey Simms and Nantz washing the Pats' balls.

I'm really having a problem watching the Patriots play. I feel like I should be totally enjoying what they are doing, and on offense that's generally the case, but their defense is brutal to watch. Every play comes with a little extra hit. It just kind of sucks to watch.

Anecdotally, the new McDonald's commercial is brutal. I guess the guy gets up to get some McDonald's because sitting there while the guy on tv eats makes him hungry? But what's he eating? I just don't get it. And the Danica Patrick PEAK antifreeze commercial is pretty funny. What does she say? "If I drive it, it better perform," or something to that effect? Really? Really?!! YOU'RE ANNA KOURNIKOVA!!

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